Click the thumbnail to read our business presentation that we custom wrote and designed to provide ample information about our business and the evolutionary steps we are taking now to grow and expand our operations.
Clicking on this thumbnail will allow you to read our brief executive summary for an abbreviated introduction to our Business strategy and concepts.
Click the image of the addendum for Bogo-Free and read the PDF that the directly corresponds with the operational plan. This addendum was custom written and designed by JBC Corporation’s CBDT (core business development team) to directly correspond with the financial projections as well as to provide additional information about the specific details of this acquisition. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions you would like answered however we are confident that the addendum flows perfectly with the operational plan and we welcome your feedback.
You can also click this thumbnail to view our Private Equity Agreement that we custom created to provide select individuals with a non-dilutive equity stake into JBC Corporation.
Click the thumbnail of Our Cooperative Partnership Agreement to download and view the document in pdf format. A representative of JBC will fill out this document and provide it to you for your signature in the event you would like to become a Cooperative Partner of JBC Corporation.
Clicking on this thumbnail will allow you to download and view our single-page assessment sheet detailing some of the standout platform benefits and features.
Click the thumbnail to download the assessment created for Bogo-Free that was completed using the most currency market indicators. This information should be easy to substantiate independently.
Strategic Pharmaceuticals is a new acquisition by JBC Corporation and you can click to download the assessment of the value of this platform by clicking onto the thumbnail of the document. We are excited about this platform becoming fully operational in early 2023.
Our Itemized Schedule Use of Funds details the various uses JBC Corporation deems valid for any capital brought into their posession through various agreement structures. Click the image to download a copy of our PDF for review.
Strategic Pharmaceuticals is an example of the types of assets acquired by JBC Corporation. Click the thumbnail to view the addendum to see how this business fits into the overall business model for the company.
JBC Corporation adheres to the highest professional standards and follows all applicable laws and regulatory compliance aspects related to doing business with Investors. Please read our Disclosure page of this website to see our efforts in this area in greater detail. You may also use our Contact Us page to submit any questions you may have and a member of our Team will get back with you promptly.