JBC Corporation operates under a self-imposed HIT (honesty, integrity and transparency) agreement with those we do business with.
This disclosure page is subject to being updated without notice so please check back periodically to see if there are any new additions. You can also contact us and a member of our Team will be happy to answer your questions.
This website www.roadmapforjbc.com was established as a platform to share information with Investors and Cooperative Partners, as well as the General Public, in an open and transparent manner related to our capitalization strategies and initiatives. Our primary website is the platform for our business operations and you can visit it at www.jbc-corporation.com to learn more about our business.
JBC Corporation follows and adheres to all applicable state and federal laws and regulatory compliance that govern our initiatives and operations. Our Team works diligently to remain up-to-date on aspects of compliance to ensure we maintain a very high standard in this area.
Transparently JBC Corporation is, and will be, using three primary methods for raising the capital needed for our expansion and evolution and they are:

  • Our Private Equity Agreement.
  • Our PPM (private placement memorandum).
  • An IPO (initial public offering) filing that is planned but not yet set into stone.
JBC Corporation does not employ any type of "bait and hook" strategies, we simply remain open and transparent. The only exception is that we do not normally share the details of our intimate IP (intellectual property) to protect the integrity of our operations from would be competitors.
Anyone who considers entering into a financial arrangement with JBC Corporation is encouraged to complete their own due-diligence and research to determine their personal level of acceptable liability and risk, specifically against the possibility of losing their money. While JBC Corporation runs a tight ship, so to speak, there is the possibility of financial loss and we realize that some strategies have a higher potential of loss to the Investor(s) than others.
This is why JBC Corporation makes our documentation available so that individuals may make their own assessments and arrive at their own conclusions without a sales pitch from us or anyone representing JBC Corporation. We have built-in the necessary flexibility into our overall game-plans to ensure a natural evolution that is neither forced or presented as a pie in the sky dream.
The information provided on this website may be accompanied by more sensitive information that may require an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before we share that specific information. What is placed here onto this website for review is open for Public consumption.
Please use our Contact Us page to make an inquiry if you have additional questions or comments you would like to share. Thank you for visiting JBC Corporation and we look forward to your inquiry.